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NovaMenco TrioThis family of musicians with their modern flamenco style fuses together Jazz, Pop, and ancient Byzantine echoes of Istanbul to Sevilla, Lisbon to Ibiza forming a unique blend of Jazz and soft Mediterranean grooves.

Moving to San Diego in 1995, the brothers dubbed themselves NovaMenco and set up shop to record and play across the United States and the world. With their flamenco guitars flourishing on stage, NovaMenco craft an eclectic mix of tunes harboring a growing reputation for a crowd-pleasing show. Ever since NovaMenco’s debut album landed in the 1998 billboard charts, NovaMenco has continued the innovations in Modern flamenco. Their unique fusion of flamenco music has enchanted audiences everywhere. And with the addition of their nephew Gabriel, NovaMenco sounds richer and fuller than ever.

Every NovaMenco performance is a real life experience and travels around the world. The music of NovaMenco is an attention-getting production with melodies said to evoke an air of distant Mediterranean lands with rhythms that exude feelings of liberation from this earthly existence. - Music Design Review